SallyPort Jail Management System

SallyPort© Jail Management System

SallyPort Jail Management System

SallyPort© 4.0

SallyPort© is Black Creek's web-based jail management software designed specifically to meet the needs of county jails. With an HTML5 browser-based interface and MSSQL database, SallyPort© is a highly cost-effective and staff-efficient solution for inmate and offender record keeping at jails of any size.

SallyPort© provides an array of features that you would expect to find in a sophisticated jail management system package, including shift log, digital imaging, medical tracking, biometric identification, DNA sample tracking and much more. Additionally, SallyPort© is designed to fully integrate with Black Creek's Personal Detention Assistant©, Super Display® Control System, "VINE" integration and other systems—such as document management for paperless operations.

SallyPort<sup>©</sup> Municipal Jail Management System

SallyPort© Municipal

Black Creek’s SallyPort© Municipal Jail Management System was designed for use in municipal lockups, central booking, and small agencies that hold inmates on a temporary basis. SallyPort© Municipal was designed using the same enterprise class jail management system that is used by jails and detention centers around the country but streamlined for smaller agencies. SallyPort© Municipal allows staff to document the information they need without the additional modules applicable to long-term lockup.

As a standalone application that interfaces with an existing records management system, SallyPort© Municipal provides agencies with the tools they need to effectively manage the inmates in their custody while maintaining safety and security.