Video Visitation Systems Video Visitation Systems

Video Visitation Systems

Black Creek's Video Visitation Systems are a modern solution for both on and off-premise visiting for jails, prisons, and other correctional facilities. IP Visitor© incorporates a combination of intelligently-designed hardware and software that is technologically superior to any other visitation system available.

The true value of any video visitation system is measured by the capabilities of its software and Black Creek's IP Visitor© Software Suite is the most sophisticated in the industry. With biometrically-controlled admission process and public visitor registration capabilities, you always know who is visiting your prison or jail. The ability to visit with inmates from a remote location is another benefit to the Black Creek Video Visitation System—video meetings can be scheduled and conducted from the privacy of home or office.

Black Creek provides quality non-revenue and revenue-based visitation systems for corrections and a competitive municipal leasing program for qualifying facilities.

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